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One-Of-A-Kind Blush Fuzz

Crimson splash in ash

Slow-motion chase to the sea

The sunset blushes



New in our store from our Incubator is the one-of-a-kind Blush Fuzz.  This fuzz is the result of experimenting with a set of matched BC108C transistors that I have in my personal stash.  This gives it a raw yet controlled sound capable of retaining note articulation while chording, yet also sounding full and sweet with single-note leads with just a hint of upper octave on sustained notes.  

The Blush Fuzz also has two toggles that provide a wide variety of clipping and textural options.  The 3-way toggle blends in the Nanolog N2 with LED’s in position 1, N2 alone in position 2, and N2 with a pair of diodes.  The diode setting is another experiment, I am using a high-gain NOS Russian Germanium diode, and a Silicon diode with matching forward voltage in a Schottky pair.  I’ve been trying different ways to combat the volume drop that is usually associated with Ge diodes and at the same time have an asymmetrical clipping configuration.  While there is still  a very slight volume drop with this setting it is nowhere near the drop that usually occurs with Germanium.  The third upper position is a Schottky pair of red LED's.  This setting is the loudest setting, and has a very open, throaty, uncompressed sound.

The second toggle I’m calling the “Focus” toggle.  It shaves off a little low-end for use with an already dirty amp channel, or to counter flubbiness from too much bass when using your neck pickup.

The Blush Fuzz has a special blush red oxide top.  It is my first success using various contaminants to create a bright red oxide.  This top turned out very nice, easily the best to come out of 7 previous failures; if at first you don’t succeed! 

  • NOS BC108C high-gain transistors
  • Asymmetrical diode setting with NOS Russian Ge diode and Silicon diode
  • Red LED clipping setting
  • Nanolog N2 Quantum Junction
  • Additional Focus Toggle To Control Low End
  • Blush Red Oxide Top
  • Matching Red LED
  • Oxblood Chicken-Head Knobs and Dakaware bias pointer
  • Maple Hardwood Box with Custom Engraved Spiral Lid
  • Leather Liner

All techy stuff aside, the Blush Fuzz is a great “fuzz for guitarists who hate fuzz."  No weird sputtering, no aliasing or clashing overtones, very clean controlled and sonorous.  It sounds red to me, like a deep blush.