Dehme Silver
Dehme Silver
Dehme Silver

Dehme Silver

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I’ve had a few requests from players using the Black with higher-gain amps to build a version with the Demhe/Hali switch to control the lows. I've decided to call it the Focus Toggle.  This essentially marries the Black circuit with the Carcosa circuit.  You get all the new stuff from the Black (Nanolog N2, toggle switched diodes etc.) and the Demhe/Hali Low-Cut toggle of the Carcosa. 

Read more about how this pedal came to be in the Incubator section of our site:  


  • Circuit is a mixture of the Black Spiral and the Carcosa
  • Nanolog N2 Molecular Junction

Focus Toggle:

  1. Up (>): Flat
  2. Down (<): Low-Cut

Three-Way toggle Voicing:

  1. N2 + Silicon
  2. N2
  3. N2 + Germanium
  • Vintage Chicken-Head Knobs
  • Vintage Marantz Bias Knobs
  • True Bypass
  • 100% Analog
  • Laser Etched/Glazed Top
  • High-Quality Parts Throughout
  • Mix of classic and high-tech in both aesthetics and sonics

The Dehme Silver comes packaged in a laser etched wood box with all the goodies.