Special Sauce Brute Fuzz

Special Sauce Brute Fuzz

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Until now I haven’t done a special run of Brutes because I consider them to be semi-custom already. The Brute has all the bells and whistles, and it is the “offspring” of the Artefact and Blush Incubator fuzzes. But, while digging through my personal stash I found 10 cool green amp bezels, 10 rare Schottky’s, 10 dark green metal knobs, 20 NOS BC108C’s that measure in the high 500’s, and 10 rare NOS Ge diodes (actually I have more diodes than that, but I'm riffin' here), All those ingredients naturally came together to make a fuzzy, pungent, special sauce.

To top it all off, in order to hear those BC108C's in all their glory, setting 2 on the Texture Toggle will be diode bypass. You'll get nothing but the Brutal truth of those BC108C's.

• NOS Russian Ge Diodes
• NOS Shottky Diode
• Diode Bypass
• Two High Gain BC108C transistors (500+ hFE)
• Green Amp Jewel
• Cool Dark Green Bias Knob
• Two-Tone Laser-Etched Green Sparkle Powder Coat Top with raw aluminum bottom.

Limited to 10 pieces.