Summer Cyan goes live Saturday July 20th at 10am MDT

2021 Summer Cyan Fuzz

 Cool Blue

For the 2021 Summer Cyan Fuzz I wanted to do something a little different from past years.  A pair of BC108C’s in Q1 and Q2 give the 2021 Summer Cyan it’s basic voice.  Very much like a hot-rodded Fuzz Face but with a few more tricks.  For starters, I have been working on an asymmetrical diode network that I’ve been calling the 80n for a year or so, and it’s completion just naturally coincided with the Summer Cyan - so a cyan-colored version of the 80n is going in.  I have replaced the usual diode selector with a Shape Toggle.  The Shape Toggle switches between 3 different input capacitors.  This allows the Summer Cyan to pair very well with single-coil pickups.  Shape setting 1 is the brightest and has the best volume-knob cleanup. Shape setting 3 is the darkest, but don’t let it put you off, it sounds phenomenal on single-note leads.  Fat and chunky but with a slight vowel-like “ah” tonality.   Shape setting 2 is Goldilocks.

This also is the first time that we have experimented with color powder-coating over the top of a laser-glazed graphic.  We laser-glaze the White Spiral, but we powder-coat a clear over the top.  We suspected a translucent color would work, and the Summer Cyan proves that it works beautifully!  The cool cyan powder-coat is complemented by copper chicken head knobs and a forest-green bias knob.

The Summer Cyan will go live Saturday July 24, 2021 for $249 USD.  It is limited to 10 pcs, so get in early because the Summer Cyan goes quick.

• A Pair of NOS BC108C transistors

• Three-Way Shape Toggle

• New 80n asymmetrical diode network

• Laser-Glazed Graphics

• Translucent Cyan Powder-Coat

• Limited to 10 pedals