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Pick Shaker

Shake that groove thang

Pick ShakersI originally designed the Pick Shaker for my own pedalboard. I was tired of my Altoid tin popping open and my picks scattering all over hell and back. I also wanted something where I could get one or two picks quickly without having to sift through a pile. Since pedalboard space is at a premium, it needed to be small and symmetrical to fit in unused spaces.

The Pick Shaker addressed all of these needs, and now you can have one too! It works best on a slanted pedalboard, but also works fine on a flat board or on top of your amp. When the Pick Shaker is attached to your pedalboard the picks inside naturally fall away from the dispenser slot. When you pick it up and turn it upside-down then your picks naturally orient themselves toward the dispenser slot, and a circular shaking motion sends a pick through the slot and into your hand. Putting it back on your pedalboard, flips it back over and your picks fall to the bottom and away from the dispenser slot.

Note: Pay attention to how you place and/or transport your pedalboard in its case or bag. If you flip your pedalboard upside-down in the case, then you may need to orient the Pick Shaker in the opposite direction.










  • Small Footprint
  • Simple, yet effective design
  • Holds up to 15 thick picks
  • Pre-attached Velcro
  • Legs on bottom so it sits flat when not on pedalboard


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