Rouge Gold Limited Edition Yellow Spiral Drive

Rouge Gold - Limited Edition Yellow Spiral Drive made for Rouge Guitar ShopSpec’d by Rogue Guitar Shop, the heart of this special edition of the Yellow Spiral Drive is a NOS vintage precision high-speed, low noise, Burr-Brown OPA111 Op Amp. This Op Amp has a fast transient response that feels very “tube-like” in this circuit. It is also quite clear-sounding without being spiky. To complement these tones we added a 3-way Shape Toggle that will either roll-off the highs (#1), preserve these tones (#2), or slightly accentuate the mids (#3). We also went with asymmetrical LED’s (one red and one yellow), Silicon diodes, mixed with the Nanolog N2 molecular junction for clipping options:

Like the Yellow Spiral Drive, the Rogue Gold really shines with a dirty amp. The various Girth/Shape/Texture positions are powerful tone and gain-shaping tools that compliment a dirty amp channel well by adding a little extra oomph at very useful frequencies. However, the Shape control also works fantastic with a clean amp and/or single-coil pickups, especially Shape position 1. NOS Tin-Can Burr-Brown DiFet OPA111

Girth Control Rotary Capacitor Network
Shape/Girth/Texture tone controls
Weathered Rogue Gold top
Laser-Etched graphics

Shape Toggle:
1. Gentle High-Freq roll-off
2. Stock (bright)
3. Upper-Mid Emphasis

Texture Toggle:
1. Asymmetrical Red and Yellow LED’s +N2
2. Nanolog N2 Molecular Junction
3. Silicon Diodes + N2