2022 LTD Edition LF351 Yellow Spiral Drive - SOLD OUT in 2 minutes. Thank You!

The 2020 Summer Cyan Fuzz features a candy cyan over brushed aluminum with green accents and copper chicken-head knobs.  Due to the brushed aluminum the candy cyan color-shift naturally from bright blues to green.  It was meant to represent the color of a becalmed ocean. 

The Summer Cyan also has a new selection on the Texture Toggle I’m calling “ADN,” it stands for Asymmetrical Diode Network.  I’ve been experimenting with various asymmetrical diode configurations on a few of the Spiral Incubator Customs.  It usually consists of a mix of both Silicon and Germanium diodes.  On the Summer Cyan it is a mix of the Nanolog N2 and Germanium 1N34A.  This gives the ADN setting a little Germanium flavor, but with far less volume loss than the stock Ge setting.  I like this setting A LOT for single-note leads.  It also sounds good on crunchy bridge pickup riffing.  It doesn’t clean up as well as the other two settings, but super-smooth lead tone is what the ADN is all about.

The Summer Cyan is limited to 10 pieces.  It will be available right here on this page Saturday August 15th at 10:00 AM MST for $249 USD.
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