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Collection: “Black Light” Limited Edition Black Spiral Fuzz

I was inspired by a conversation on The Gear Page (a popular guitar forum) to experiment with more brilliant colors on my next batch of oxides.  I had an idea of how to achieve purple acid drop/wash.  So I went for it and was able to get 10 great tops out of 20 some-odd attempts.  These tops reminded me of the black light posters from my youth, thus their name.  There are deep purples, acid blues, and lavender washes in these oxides, set off by a purple anodized footswitch nut. 

This “Black Light” run of 10 was very difficult to do, and I won’t be doing another.  The “Black Light” Edition is the same electronically and sonically as the Black Spiral Fuzz.

The "Black Light" Limited Edition Black Spiral Fuzz is sold out.  Thank you!

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