Demhe Fuzz

Moon sets silver in
the cloudy depths of Demhe
The shadows lengthen.


Available August 10th exclusively on Reverb.Com  


A city crouches upon Lake Demhe’s shore, maybe it is Carcosa? Maybe it is Alar?  Maybe it doesn’t matter? Once you have peered into Demhe’s cloudy depths, what lies upon the shore ceases to be a concern.  

The Demhe Fuzz features chunky lows and scintillating highs that can be tamed by the Detail Control.  Both Gain and Bias work together to create tones that can range from seductive purring overdrive to savage roaring fuzz.  The Output control delivers enough boost to punish any amp channel.  A subtle two-way Blower Toggle selects between silicon diodes, or the pure unaltered sound of the Demhe’s silicon transistors.

The Demhe heralds a new “smol” form factor from Spiral, and the top jacks make it very pedalboard friendly.  Dressed like a preacher in pin-stripes and bible-black, the look is pure class.  The Demhe also features a “smol” price of $149.95. and Spiral Electric FX have teamed up to offer this take on a once lost ’70’s fuzz circuit.  Available exclusively on Reverb.Com

  • Silicon fuzz with Blower Switch
  • Separate Gain and Bias Controls
  • Tons of output
  • Detail Control to tame highs
  • New “smol” form factor
  • Related to Carcosa fuzz (Demhe mode)
  • True Bypass
  • Top Jacks

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