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Collection: Ge Fuzz - Germanium/Silicon Hybrid Fuzz

It's Elemental

Introducing the Ge Fuzz! This little monster is a hybrid Germanium and Silicon fuzz. It has Mil-Surp UKR Germanium MP38A transistors where it counts in Q1 and Q2. This gives it a nice round, warm, vintage tone and texture; as well as fantastic guitar volume clean-up. You want roar? You got it. You want that fuzzy OD? You got it. You want those beautiful cleans that aren't quite clean? You got it.

Limited edition of 30 pedals.  $299 USD

— SOLD OUT —-   Thank you!

The Ge Fuzz goes on sale Saturday, September 30, 2023 at 10am Mountain Time, right here on this page (just below the demo photo.)

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