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The Yellow Spiral Drive can do it all: Gain, Grit, Grind, and most important - Girth. 

The Yellow Spiral Drive allows you to control your low-end content with its unique “Tonehenge” Girth control. The Girth control is a capacitor network selector that allows you to go from controlled lows to fit in a mix, cut for leads, or completely unfettered low-end pant-rippling thunder. This Limited Edition Silverburst version features multiple aesthetic and electronic changes from stock, but it still retains its classic voice.


• Custom Handmade Honey Amber Chicken-Head Knobs

• Silverburst Top 

• Laser-Etched Bronze Graphics, including “Limited Edition” label

• Black Powder-Coated Chassis 

• Silverburst heat-sink on Tin-Can LM741

• 6-Position rotary tone network retains your highs but increases low-end “Girth.” 

• Nanolog N2 Molecular Junction 

• Three-Way toggle Voicing: 

  • 1. N2 + Asymmetrical Clipping LED’s 
  • 2. N2
  • 3. N2 + Silicon  

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