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The Typhoon Edition Black Spiral Fuzz was conceived 9 months ago when my wife, Dawn Atkin decided to discover if it were possible to make knobs out of porcelain.

After much trial and error she has succeeded in creating beautiful yet functional porcelain versions of our Deco Wedge knob. I was inspired by these knobs to create oxided tops that both complement and showcase these little jewels. I also threw in some cool NOS parts and some other electronic tricks to make the Typhoon Edition Black Spiral extra special.

Texture Toggle setting #3 engages a Shottky pair of Germanium clipping diodes mixed with the Nanolog N2 Molecular Junction. One diode is a "Black Widow" Russian diode, and the other is a 1N34A. This creates an asymmetrical clipping section that cleans up really well with your guitar volume knob.

I've also added a mesmerizing color shift LED from my beloved stash of rescued RA-Elco parts that slowly cycles through Red/Green/Blue. Normally this amount of custom work would be for just a single pedal, but we were so excited by this combo that we decided to make a limited run of 10.

The Typhoon Edition Black Spiral Fuzz will go on sale Saturday February 29th (Leap Year!) - For $299 USD.


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