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The Black Rose Fuzz, The Place Where We Began

Rose Pedal Electric Effects was owned and operated by Tom Cram.  Its first pedal, the Black Rose Fuzz was released on November 16, 2018 in a limited run of 100  numbered 01/100 to 100/100.  They featured chemically treated tops which ranged from solid black to silvers to rust reds.  We loved the dramatic rust colors but assumed everyone would want the lovely black finish.  We were wrong.  The "Blasted" finish sold out immediately with people asking for the most extreme colorations.  An additional 27 Black Rose Fuzz were made in "Blasted" and "Blasted Hard" finish, and sold in December 2018, numbered BR1801-BR1827.  15 promotional pedals were also made with "Demo" numbering or, more often, a name.

Rose Pedals Electric Effects then changed its name to Spiral Electric FX, and the name of the pedal was changed as well.  The look and sound of the Black Spiral Fuzz is the same, but the excitement and challenge of making those first 141 Black Rose Fuzz makes them priceless collectables in our eyes.

Read about the pedal and hear demos on the Black Spiral Fuzz.