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White Spiral Boost



The White Spiral Boost is a dirty boost with a few tricks up its sleeve.  Meant as either an  “Always On” boost that provides increased harmonic content with a little bit of grit, or as a last-in-chain boost to wake up your amp’s dirty channel.  Either use will make your notes seem to jump off the strings, and keep your guitar thrummin’.  Our Girth Control was first introduced with the Yellow Spiral Drive.  Unlike a traditional tone control, the Girth is a rotary cap network that either restricts bass or increases bass. 

The location of the Girth Control in the circuit is user-definable by the Alpha/Omega two-way toggle.  In the Alpha (A - Left) position the Girth control is placed before the low-gain Grit clipping section of the White Spiral.  This position allows more, or less, bass to be sent to the Grit, and changes the character and compression of the Grit.  The Omega (Ω - Right) position places the Girth Control after the Grit Control and this position changes how much bass content is passed through the circuit. This position is still dirty but it is more open, glassy, and Hi-Fi sounding than the Alpha setting. .  Bassists will LOVE the Omega selection!

The Grit Control does double duty, it both changes the performance of the JFET to create distortion, and also brings in Silicon clipping.  These two types of clipping together are slightly asymmetrical and the result is a natural-sounding low-gain grit/grind that mates well with already dirty amp channels.

  • Low-Gain Boost Harmonic Stimulator
  • Girth Control Tone Cap Network
  • Alpha/Omega Toggle to change position of Girth Control
  • 18v Internal Operation
  • Hand-Brushed Aluminum Top
  • Powder-Coated Black Bottom
  • Matching Warm White LED
  • Designed and Handmade by Tom Cram

The White Spiral Boost will be available in our store September 28th.

Click HERE to Download White Spiral Boost .pdf manual.