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Dirty Blue Black Spiral II (One-of-a-Kind)
Dirty Blue Black Spiral II (One-of-a-Kind)
Dirty Blue Black Spiral II (One-of-a-Kind)
Dirty Blue Black Spiral II (One-of-a-Kind)
Dirty Blue Black Spiral II (One-of-a-Kind)

Dirty Blue Black Spiral II (One-of-a-Kind)

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The Black Spiral II Fuzz is a versatile and aggressive fuzz with a unique blend of vintage tone and futuristic technology.  This Dirty Blue one-of-a-kind version features a wide-open Bias Control, three discrete voicing options, a hybrid tonestack (mix of the Brute and Allora), and gobs of output.  These changes make it a darker than the original version, the emphasis is now on fatter rhythm tones and horn-like leads. 

  • All transistors are BC108C's
  • Hybrid Tonestack from Brute and Allora
  • Fully Open Bias (Like the Allora)
  • Separate Gain and Bias control yield a wide array of fuzz tones from overdrive to splatty, horn-like sounds
  • Incredible clean-up with guitar volume
  • Circuit Based on ’70’s era Maestro Fuzz
Three-Way Discrete Toggle Voicing:
1. 80n
2. Blower (straight transistor)
3. NOS Bundeswehr Germanium
    • Hand Soldered and Assembled by Tom Cram
    • Powdercoated in House. 
    • Laser-Etched Graphics
    • True Bypass
      • Black Spiral Fuzz
      • Super cool hand-made Birchwood box
      • Two Large Knob Locks
      • Spiral logo Vinyl Die-Cut Sticker
      • Spiral logo Pin 
      • How It Works Guide
      • Whiskey Barrel Chips Bag


      Input: 1/4” TS Unbalanced - 500 kΩ

      Output: 1/4” TS Unbalanced - 1 kΩ

      Current Draw:  7 mA

      Pedal Dims: 4.7" L x 3.7" W X 2" H (119.50mm L x 94.00mm W X 50.00mm H)

      NOTE:  Our pedals do not have a battery option.  Batteries are bad for the environment and there are a ton of excellent power supplies on the market.