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Brute Fuzz


June 20, 2019: Our Incubator has yielded its first production pedal: The Brute Fuzz.

The Brute is a synthesis of everything I’ve learned while experimenting on the Custom Artefact, Blush, and Demhe fuzzes; refined into a vintage-voiced tonal powerhouse.

The Brute features Silicon BC108B transistors, a Nanolog N2, mixed with Russian 1N34A Ge diodes, and modern Si diodes on the Texture Toggle.  A handy low-cut on the Focus Toggle, entirely re-voiced Detail and Bias controls, green LED, and a top that glitters like the Hulk at a discotheque. The Brute is a tough, muscular, and darker fuzz than the Black, but still bright enough to stand out.

I’ve gotten many comments from customers who wanted a darker fuzz for their brighter clean-channels, or for their Fender heads and combos.  The Brute’s darker voicing and burly mid-range tackles this application perfectly.  The Brute still has enough clarity for complex chord-voicings, but also some serious weight for punchy single-note leads and riffs.

To help tame any overly bass-heavy settings you will undoubtedly find, I’ve also included a Focus Toggle that shaves the low-end just enough to keep the Brute from getting woofy.  The Focus Toggle also works well for lead work when you want stand out in a dense mix.

  • Matched NOS BC108B transistors
  • NOS Russian 1N34A Ge diodes
  • Modern Silicon diodes
  • Nanolog N2 Molecular Junction
  • Darker Re-Voiced Detail Control
  • Refined Bias Control
  • Additional Focus Toggle To Control Low-End
  • Works Well Post-Buffer
  • Sparkle Green Top
  • Matching Green LED
  • Satin Aluminum Knobs And Green Aluminum Bias Pointer