Summer Cyan goes live Saturday July 20th at 10am MDT

Summer Cyan

Summer Cyan - Limited Edition Black Spiral Fuzz

Hand build guitar effects pedals in a beautiful cyan finish

The Summer Cyan started when Tom made a Black Spiral Fuzz for himself out of spare parts sitting around the shop. A paint test top mixed with some sample copper knobs turned out stunning. It inspired the 2019 Limited Edition Summer Cyan.

Limited to 10 pedals, the 2019 Summer Cyan was such a hit, we decided to make another cyan variation in 2020.

Limited Edition Black Spiral Fuzz

The 2020 Summer Cyan Fuzz features a candy cyan over brushed aluminum with green accents and copper chicken-head knobs. Due to the brushed aluminum the candy cyan color-shift naturally from bright blues to green. It was meant to represent the color of a becalmed ocean. The Summer Cyan also has a new selection on the Texture Toggle I’m calling “ADN,” it stands for Asymmetrical Diode Network. I’ve been experimenting with various asymmetrical diode configurations on a few of the Spiral Incubator Customs. It usually consists of a mix of both Silicon and Germanium diodes. On the Summer Cyan it is a mix of the Nanolog N2 and Germanium 1N34A. This gives the ADN setting a little Germanium flavor, but with far less volume loss than the stock Ge setting. I like this setting A LOT for single-note leads. It also sounds good on crunchy bridge pickup riffing. It doesn’t clean up as well as the other two settings, but super-smooth lead tone is what the ADN is all about. Again, limited to 10 pieces. It sold out immediately when released on August 15, 2020 for $249 USD.

Guitar Effects Pedals hand built by Tom Cram