Reds sold out. Thank you! We are taking a break next week. Black IIs on June 1

Available today, August 27, 2022 at 10:00 Mountain Time.

Dirty Black Summer:  One-off version of the Black Spiral II Fuzz with BC109C's in Q1 and Q2, Discrete Clipping Section, grungy oxide top, laser-glazed graphics, blood-red 80n, matching cloth wire, and shiny chrome metal knobs.

Golden Child:  One-off version of the Yellow Spiral Drive with my favorite LF351 Tin-Can OpAmp, Shave Control, Discrete Clipping Section, gold powder-coat, folio laser-cut graphics, and shiny chrome metal knobs.

SOLD OUT!  Wow!  Thank you for the support.  - Don’t forget you can email Tom for a custom pedal anytime.


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