New Demhe Mod Option: Ford Thurston’s Choice

This limited run of White Spiral Boost came from working on the Incubator Noaidi Fuzz. My intent was to somehow represent raindrops falling on water. So I tried a few different methods of engine-turning (also known as jewelling). Legend has it that this classic hot-rod finishing technique was a way for metal to hold lubricants better, or to resist corrosion. But I believe these are just excuses, it is really meant to make bare aluminum look cool. These five tops represent a couple of my versions of engine-turning. The bigger circles are smoother, more regular, and cleaner-looking. While the smaller circles are rougher, less regular, and a lot closer to my visual goal of “raindrops on water.” These White Spirals also feature “Marantz-Style” silver knobs, and very special handmade white-pearl Deco Wedge knobs made by Dawn Atkin.

These will all listed separately in the shop with numbers 1-5 as shown in the photo above, so you can choose your favorite version.

Available Saturday, December 7th, at 10:00 AM MST for $225 each USD.

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