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Limited Edition Storm Gray Yellow Spiral Drive

——-Sold Out - Thank You! ————

After searching for a solid year, we were able to track down a small number of tin-can LF351's. Well, I found one, tried it in circuit and loved it, then Dawn spent a year searching for the other 10.


To showcase the LF351 the Texture Toggle will have the following settings:

1. Silicon 1N914 Shottky Pair

2. Straight LF351 (LOUD!)

3. Secret Part

Setting 1 loses a bit of volume, but has a nice tight texture. Setting 2 is big, loud, and less distorted. Setting 3 is very cool, it has a Germanium flavor without volume loss. This setting cleans up quickly and well with the guitar volume knob. With these settings you can attain classic DOD 250 tones, loud Micro Amp dirty boost tones, and Distortion+ -ish type tones. Lots of great sounds in here!

I chose to house this Limited Edition in a textured pearlescent blue/gray powder-coat combo I concocted that I call Storm Gray. I also gave a nod to vintage design with the laser-cut border "folio" graphics.

The Limited Edition LF351 Yellow Spiral Drive will go on sale Saturday February 6th at 10:00 AM MST for $249 USD.

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