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Yellow Spiral LM741 Overdrive
Yellow Spiral LM741 Overdrive
Yellow Spiral LM741 Overdrive

Yellow Spiral LM741 Overdrive

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Hammered Bronze Finish

The Yellow Spiral Drive has a wide variety of uses: “Always on” tone sweetener, clean boost, dirty boost, low-gain distortion, mid-gain distortion, amp input punisher, and “unleashing the fury, everything on 10” lead shred-o-rama. Select changes to the basic circuit also make the Yellow Spiral sound fantastic on bass with none of the low-end loss commonly associated with this circuit. The addition of the 80n, the Girth control, as well as selectable clipping sections adds a useful and modern spin to this classic circuit.

  • 6-Position rotary tone network retains your highs but increases low-end “Girth.”
  • Very touch-sensitive, goes from chime to grind with just an increase in pick attack
  • Excellent clean-up with guitar volume knob
  • Circuit Based on DOD 250 Overdrive Pre-Amp with choice alterations
  • 80n Asymmetrical Diode Network

Three-Way toggle Voicing:

  1. 80n + LED's
  2. 80n
  3. 80n + Silicon
  • True Bypass
  • 100%Analog
  • Hammered Bronze Powdercoat Finish
  • Laser-Etched Graphics
  • Buffed Aluminum Chassis
  • Brass-Finish Aluminum Knobs
  • High-Quality Parts Throughout
  • Mix of classic and high-tech in both aesthetics and sonics


Input: 1/4” TS Unbalanced - 2.2 MΩ Output: 1/4” TS Unbalanced - 1 kΩ Current Draw: 10 mA
Bypass: True Bypass
Power: 9VDC Center Negative