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2022 Summer Cyan
2022 Summer Cyan
2022 Summer Cyan
2022 Summer Cyan
2022 Summer Cyan
2022 Summer Cyan

2022 Summer Cyan

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To give this year's Summer Cyan Fuzz its basic voice, I'm using a Silicon BC108C in Q1 and BC109C in Q2 . This gives it a higher-gain Fuzz Face-ish flavor but with some twists. The Texture toggle mixes the 80n with both Silicon and Germanium diodes:

  1. Custom Cyan 80n Solo
  2. 80n + NOS RUS Germanium Diodes
  3. 80n + NOS Fairchild Silicon Diodes

These diode selections give the Summer Cyan three dramatically different voices, it is essentially three fuzzes in one. 80n Solo is big loud and tough-sounding. 80n + Germanium results in a volume drop, but bumping up the Summer Cyan's generous output easily gets you past unity. This setting has the best guitar volume clean-up and it could easily be your new "always on" base tone. The 80n + Silicon adds some extra grain to the gain, and compresses a little more - this setting sounds great on single-note leads.

I have kept the Bias control full range, this allows it to be gnarly and squelchy at its extremes, but also open and clear sounding at lower settings. The Detail control is a hybrid of the Brute and Allora tone-stack. It acts as a traditional tone control up to noon - past noon it acts as an upper-mid "intensifier" allowing it to cut through without getting harsh.

I have brushed the top horizontally, and applied multiple layers of transparent cyan powder-coat. This finish combined with the minimalist graphics gives it sleek modern look. The cool cyan powder-coat is complemented by copper chicken head knobs and a metal forest-green bias knob. The base grounds the whole design with a textured black powder coat, that has a hefty look and grippy feel.

The Summer Cyan is $249 USD. It is limited to 30 pcs.

• NOS BC108C/109C transistors

• Three-Way Texture Toggle

• 80n asymmetrical diode network

• Laser-Etched Graphics

• Translucent Cyan Powder-Coat

• Limited to 30 pedals