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Retro Satin Black and Cadillac Black Fuzz

Retro Satin Black Fuzz.  Guitar effects pedal handmade by Tom Cram.

Black Spiral Fuzz is a versatile and aggressive fuzz with a unique blend of vintage tone and futuristic technology.  Bias Control, three voicing options, and gobs of output.  

In 2020 we added Satin Black and glossy Cadillac Black finishes to the line.  Inside, they are still 100% Black Spiral Fuzz.


  • Separate Gain and Bias control yield a wide array of fuzz tones from
    Glossy black finish on the Black Spiral Fuzz, by Spiral Electric FX
    to splatty, horn-like sounds
  • Incredible clean-up with guitar volume
  • Circuit Based on ’70’s era Maestro Fuzz
  • Nanolog N2 Molecular Junction 
  • Three-Way toggle Voicing:

    1. N2 + Silicon
    2. N2
    3. N2 + Germanium
  • Hand Soldered and Assembled by Tom Cram
  • Laser-Etched Graphics
  • True Bypass