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Yellow Spiral Drive

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The Greatest Show on Girth

The Yellow Spiral Drive can do it all: Gain, Grit, Grind, and most important - Girth.  Size Matters, and the Yellow Spiral Drive allows you to control your low-end content with it’s unique “Tonehenge” Girth control.  The Girth control is a capacitor network selector that allows you to go from controlled lows to fit in a mix, cut -through for leads, or completely unfettered low-end pant-rippling thunder.

The Yellow Spiral Drive also utilizes the Nanolog N2 Molecular Junction mixed with silicon or LED diodes to tailor the gain to your particular taste.  Works great with either guitar or bass, rhythm or lead, clean or dirty.

The very first pedal mod I ever attempted was to a ’90’s version of the 250.  My very first from scratch pedal build I ever did was also a 250. In fact the simple mods I did to this circuit are what spurred the resurrection of the entire DOD brand back in 2011-2012.  I’ve always had a love, and a reverence, for this deceptively simple circuit.  Any changes I’ve made have been with the goal to retain its intrinsic voice, I am still using the classic LM741 Op Amp (vintage tin can version).  In a strange synchronicity I was recently given the very first prototype of the 250 by DOD Founder David Difrancesco.  This happened right in the middle of my R&D for the Yellow Spiral.  I try not to attach too much significance to this, but I can’t help but feel like I am now a small current in the river of 250 history.  Also strange is that my new shop is on the same road as DOD’s very first shop, it all just keeps spiraling back around.

The Yellow Spiral Drive is meant to sound like the 250 we all know and love, but MORE.  The first three positions of the Girth control in conjunction with the #3 (Si) position of the Texture Toggle will yield the most familiar sounds.  Beyond that you can get a huge variety of sounds very quickly that range from clean-ish boost all the way into some fuzz-ish territory.  I made sure to allow a lot more bass into the Yellow circuit, and bassists will find it to be very low-frequency friendly.

I hope you appreciate what I believe to be an elevated version of a classic circuit.

2021 Hammered Brass Finish:


1. GAIN: Clockwise increases gain, counter-clockwise decreases gain

2. GIRTH:  Clockwise increases bass, counter-clockwise decreases bass

3. OUTPUT:  Clockwise increases output, counter clockwise decreases output

4. TOGGLE:  Adds or removes clipping diodes for different clipping combinations

  1. N2 + LED
  2. N2
  3. N2 + Silicon

5. LED:  Indicates whether pedal is engaged or not

6. FOOTSWITCH:  Soft-Click true-bypass footswitch, the quietest 3PDT we could find.

a. OUTPUT JACK:  Connect to the input of amplifier

b. POWER JACK:  Connect power here (9v DC Center-Negative)

c. INPUT JACK:  Connect guitar cable here


Yellow Spiral Drive Manual (.pdf)


NOTE:  Our pedals do not have a battery option.  Batteries are bad for the environment and there are a ton of excellent power supplies on the market.



Blix rippin' on the Yellow: