Aleph Gain Device

Aleph Gain Device

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 The Aleph Gain Device is an OpAmp based fuzzy drive that is flexible enough to produce tones that run from clear, open overdrive, to tight, buzzy fuzz. The new 6-position Shave control is a rotary cap network that progressively shaves off high frequencies. Unlike a traditional tone control, a cap network allows the basic voice of the Aleph to remain intact. The Aleph also has a new 3-way Squelch Toggle that alters the behavior of the LF351 OpAmp, giving it two additional fuzz voicings.

The Texture Toggle mixes the 80n (Spiral's Proprietary Clipper) with additional clipping diodes in the following configuration:

  1. 80n solo
  2. 80n + NOS Russian Germanium diodes
  3. 80n + 1N914 Silicon diodes

While all of these various modes are responsive to pick dynamics and guitar volume changes, the Germanium setting responds particularly well. The Aleph works well with both humbucking and single-coil pickups.

Along with the usual wood box and goodies, the Aleph also includes our deluxe copper Spiral pin.

$299 USD, free domestic shipping, limited to 10 pcs.